Going Beyond Code


18:00, June 26 2012

We'll be taking a step back from the coding coal face to look at the more abstract ideas that underpin the creation of good websites.
Nigel Hamilton

Nigel Hamilton

CEO at T10 + Trexy

Ugg Finds Flow Follow the caveman Ugg on his quest to find 'flow' while coding. Along the way Ugg has to battle a limited short term memory, rubbish tools and the most attention sapping foe yet - twittering angry birds. After all that can Ugg find coding Zen?

Keir Moffatt

Keir Moffatt

@iamkeir | iamkeir.com
Freelance web developer, mantis wrangler and breakdancer.

The Wild Wild Web Exploring the shifting culture of the 'social' web - from the rise of memes and viral videos, to the unnerving omnipresence of social networks. As technology relentlessly permeates every aspect of our lives, where should we be seeking our moral and ethical guidance in this new, hyper-connected digital world?

Tom Davies

Tom Davies

@metadaptive | tomdavies.net
A geek at heart, I get all sweaty and excited about stuff like web standards, thoughtful design, the semantic web, HTML5, typography, front end optimisation, and other such good, nerdy stuff.

Craft [krɑːft] Skill in doing or making something, as in the arts; proficiency.

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