00:00, January 09 2012

Three experienced Linux professionals will be sharing their knowledge and wisdom of Linux, both as a home development environment and as a mission-critical web server. We'll cover topics from basic installation, to choosing your desktop environment, command line skills, SSH and shell scripting. Fun for all the family!
Nicolas Alpi

Nicolas Alpi

@spyou |
Ruby / Rails / JS freelance developer, startup co founder. Loves Legos, cheesecakes and chinese food, sincerely believes sheep will dominate the world one day.

Amias Channer

Amias Channer

@amias |
Linux guru with 15 years professional Sys Admin experience.

James Moverley

James Moverley

@jmoverley |
Wave ridin, 303 luvin, unix ninja :D (AHL dev)


Tom's slides

James' slides

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